Affordable Engagement Rings

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How can I get an affordable engagement ring?

Affordable Engagement Rings

An affordable engagement ring is not a myth. It really does exist. You just have to know where to look for one. Forget all the things you may hear about a ring costing at least 30 percent of your annual income.

Find the ring that is right for your fiance. The style, cut and size that is right for them. Do not focus on price alone.

Diamond wholesale stores are a good place to start. A wholesale engagement ring can save you a whole lot of money and still be the perfect ring for your loved one. You will also find that most jewelers will offer a discount if you purchase both the engagement ring and wedding bands from them. Do a little haggling and see what shakes out.

Check online and see what coupons and promotions a jeweler is currently offering, too. This is one area of shopping when the listed price is rarely what you will actually have to pay. Knowing that heading into the purchase is the key.

If you buy jewelry for a loved one, have the store add you to their mailing list if they have one. Practically every jeweler will send you coupons in the mail as new merchandise becomes available to retain you as a customer. This is a good way to complement the discounts you find online and get a reasonably priced ring.



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