Free Gifts For Newlyweds From Resorts

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Does the resort you are staying at offer wedding gifts?

Free Gifts For Newlyweds From Resorts

You have spent months, possibly even years planning your wedding. The last few weeks before the nuptials were hectic, trying to get everything in order. The ceremony and reception were great, but seemed to go by so fast after so much planning. Now it's time to take a breath and enjoy your honeymoon. Some things make it more enjoyable than others.

If you have booked your honeymoon at a resort with white sandy beaches where every bar and restaurant puts a little umbrella in every drink they serve, make sure to do one thing before you go.

Check online for a very specific wedding coupon. A common offering these days among many top resorts is a free wedding gift if you have been married within six months of your honeymoon and stay at their location. These gifts vary depending on resort promotions or where you are. Sometimes they are 20-piece china sets.

If you plan ahead, you can even leave an item off of your wedding registry if you know that it is the gift you will receive from the resort. If you end up forgetting to look for online coupons, it never hurts to ask the manager where you are staying if they do anything special for newlyweds. You never know (unless you remembered to check online).



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