And Then There Was Light!

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How can I get nice candles for the wedding?

And Then There Was Light!

Lighting is essential in movies, theater, photography … and in your wedding. Whether it is your wedding ceremony or reception, the lighting can set a tone or mood. It can make the whole ceremony/reception more intimate or romantic.

You can use floating candles as centerpieces for the tables. The color can match the rest of your wedding decorations. The candles might be scented. There are countless options, each complementing your wedding in a different way.

If you peruse the Web, you might be able to find cheap wedding coupons that lower the price of these candles. If you want one on each table and there are 25 tables, that can get pricey. If the entire ceremony is at night and candle-lit, that is a lot of candles to buy.

But these offers allow you to get the color, size, shape and style that will make your wedding unique. Anywhere from 10 to 50 percent off (maybe even more). You can get free shipping and have them sent directly to the reception site.

So take a look at the lighting where the reception is being held. See if it is what you want. If not, start looking at those wedding coupons, place an order and save some money and headaches.



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