Selling Back Textbooks The Right Way

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How can I get the most money for my books?

Selling Back Textbooks The Right Way

Before you start buying new books and school supplies for the coming semester, what are you going to do with the old textbooks you do not need anymore? Many schools will buy your books back from you, but only at a fraction of what you paid for them. Then they turn around and sell them again for a lot more than they gave you back.

Your best bet is a site like As part of, you can sell your books online. Other students who need a better discount than the used book offer at their school can get what they need. They will pay less than they would at school while you make more than you would selling them back to your college. Everybody wins.

Then you can take the money you just made from selling old textbooks and buy ones you need for your next set of classes. Add to this mix any coupons that are available at the time (like free shipping or a percentage discount) and you make out much better than you would at the school bookstore.

Selling back books and supplies you no longer need should be the first thing you do before purchasing new ones. It can make a big difference in what you have to spend to get through the next semester.



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