Printable Coupons Need A Printer!

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Do you have ink and paper for your printer?

Printable Coupons Need A Printer!

A printable coupon is a great thing to have, but it is predicated on certain other things. You have to have a printer, for example. Or at least access to one. The printer has to have ink, dye or whatever that particular device uses. Then there is that pesky paper. You have to have the paper, since printers are a little finicky about using rocks.

The point is, you should always have plenty of ink or dye and paper on-hand so that when the need arises you don't miss out on a deal because you forgot to stock up. Make sure to have a backup ink/dye source in case your current one dies on you. If you notice your paper supply getting a little low, don't wait until you are completely out before getting more. Do it now.

A good way to conserve ink is to print coupons in black and white instead of color. If you run out of black ink, other colors from your color-ink cartridge can mix to create close-to-black printing.

You can conserve paper by printing on both sides. Obviously you may not want to do this for school projects or official documents, but if you can, re-using paper will save time and money. And the delivery person probably won't mind if your “Things to do before I'm 50” list is on the other side of the coupon.



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