Coupon Expiration Dates

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Does that coupon have an expiration date?

Coupon Expiration Dates

One very important thing to be aware of with printable coupons is an expiration date. As an online coupon expires it is usually taken off the site it was on, either replaced by another one or just removed entirely.

But if you happen to print one out and not use it immediately, you might find that a couple weeks later when you go to use it you are out of time and luck. The frequency with which people miss out on savings because they let a coupon in their possession expire before using it is staggering.

Any time that you get a printable coupon off the Internet, make absolutely sure you look for an expiration date. If none is listed on the coupon than you should be fine. But if there is one, make sure to find it and use the coupon before it expires.

No one wants to be in line at a store with a dozen people behind them and find out that the coupon has expired. Now you either pay full price or take your leave from the line, trying not to look embarrassed.

So if you print a coupon and there is an expiration date on it, leave a reminder for yourself. Put a note on your calendar or in your daily planner. Stick a post-it with the date on it to the refrigerator. But do not let that day, or the savings, pass you by.



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