Affordable Clothes For Work?

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How can I build an affordable work wardrobe?

Affordable Clothes For Work?

Work clothes can cost a pretty penny over the long haul. If you have a dress code/uniform at work, wearing that same outfit every day can put a hurtin' on clothes.

Constant wear and abuse leads to colors fading, threads pulling, material tearing, stains never coming out, etc. Waiters and bartenders know this better than anyone, as their shirts and pants take a beating on a daily basis. And more and more restaurants just tell you what color shirt and pants to wear and you have to spend your own money to get them.

If you work in an office or anywhere that requires nice looking clothes, it can be even more expensive. You do not want it to look like you wear the same three shirts and two pairs of pants all the time. You have to have an entire business wardrobe.

In either scenario you have to buy new clothes at somewhat regular intervals. Discount clothing stores and clothing coupons can help to make those expenses more manageable.

Take a look at online clothing stores and see what savings are being offered so you don't end up spending your entire salary on clothes for work.



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