Entertainment Book Savings

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What is the Entertainment Book?

Entertainment Book Savings

A good way to save money on airfare is by saving money on just about everything else, too. How do you do that? With the Entertainment Book. This is a book of coupons that offers great discounts on shopping, attractions, restaurants and sporting events in your area.

The book, which can be purchased online for about $30, has coupons for thousands of dollars in savings. At entertainment.com you simply type in your zip code and the book for your area is shown. In addition to all the deals you get with these coupons, each book comes with a membership card that can get you even more discounts when presented at stores, restaurants, bars, etc.

Included in this book of savings are airline discount coupons, as well as vouchers for discounted car rentals. So now you can get affordable travel rates and cheap car rental options once you arrive at your destination.

The $30 spent on the book is well worth the thousands of dollars in savings on airfare, rentals, food and entertainment you will get. A new book with updated coupons is released every year, so the savings never stop.



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