Stock Up On Printer Ink & Other Supplies

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Do you have a backup ink cartridge?

Stock Up On Printer Ink & Other Supplies

More and more people are working from home these days. In this age of the computer and other electronic gadgets, there are a lot of opportunities to work from the comfort of your own home.

But this means you will have to be your own office manager of sorts. No one else is going to stay on top of things to make sure that you have enough pens and pencils, envelopes, staples, etc. This includes supplies for your printer/copier.

If you do work at home, business or school related, that requires regular use of a printer and/or photo copier, it is up to you to make sure these devices are in working order and have the proper supplies. Use any computer coupons you can find that cover accessories like printer paper, ink, etc. And buy in bulk when possible to get more for your dollar.

Make sure to always have an extra supply of ink and toner for the printer and copier. That way if the printer runs out you have a backup you can immediately pop in and continue with your work.

Otherwise, you could find yourself scrambling for a solution at the last minute when you cannot print something important that needs to be dropped in the mail ASAP. No matter what, there should always be two supplies of ink/toner in your home office, the one in the device and one waiting as a backup.



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