Valued Customer Upgrades

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Are you eligible for an upgrade as a valued customer?

Valued Customer Upgrades

You may find that your wireless provider offers discounts to its valued customers over time. Most companies offer a free or discounted phone upgrade every year or two that you remain a customer. This can be especially useful if you tend to drop or “beat up” your phone a bit over the course of a year.

When the time comes that your service provider offers you a deal like this, there are huge savings to be had. Scour the Internet for wireless coupons that you can combine with the discount the wireless company is already giving you.

Now, if your new phone was not going to be free already, it just may be once you apply the coupons. The addition of the wireless coupons might also make it possible for you to upgrade to an even better phone than the one you were originally being offered.

Many people do not realize that they are eligible for these offers and pay full price for every phone they purchase when they do not have to. So the next time you are looking to buy a new phone, see if you can get a discount for being a valued customer. Throw some coupons into the mix and get a brand new, sleek and stylish cell phone that is reliable too.



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