Free Service Activation

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How can I get the activation fee waived?

Free Service Activation

There are ways around those pesky activation or start-up fees that people typically get hit with when they sign up with a new service provider. Why should you pay $40 or $50 in addition to the cost of the cell phone and service contract when you might not have to?

Look for wireless coupons online that wipe out that activation fee. They are out there if you look hard enough. If you are unhappy with your current service company you could try asking another provider if they will waive the start-up fee if you switch to their company. You would be surprised at how they would welcome the opportunity to get a new customer.

Another option that can net you some big savings would be to buy a new phone from a retailer that offers free activations with your purchase. Get some printable coupons from the Internet and bring those with you to reduce the overall price of the phone and any accessories, and then get a free service activation. More and more retailers are offering this option now and there is the potential for a lot of savings.



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