Pingo International Calls Savings

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What is Pingo?

Pingo International Calls Savings

If you do a lot of traveling to other countries but still need to use your phone to make international calls, you want those calls to be affordable. The same principle applies if you have friends and family that live in another country and you want to talk to them instead of only trading e-mails. There is a way to make these calls at an affordable rate.

Pingo is an international calling provider that saves customers huge amounts on calls overseas. With a Pingo calling card, what would normally be several dollars for a few minutes will be a fraction of that price. At you can select the country you are in and the country you wish to call and it will provide you with the current rates you would be charged. If the rates are different for mobile and landline phones it will give you those details as well.

Callers can save up to 90 percent of what they would normally pay with standard international calls. Wireless coupons are also available for first-time customers as well. So the next time you are planning a trip out of the country, pick up a Pingo calling card and see how much you save on international calls.



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