Pay The Right Way

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Are you using a card with frequent flyer miles?

Pay The Right Way

Do you have a credit card with a frequent flyer program on it? How many miles have you saved so far? It's hard to know for sure if you never check or don't even know if you have the miles program available to you.

So many people let an opportunity like this go to waste, when they could be using it to enjoy great vacations every year. If you have a card with a miles program on it, use the card. If you are not sure if your company offers such a program, ask them. This does not mean you have to incur mountains of debt or bad credit.

Use the card for an expense you would have anyway, and then pay the card off from your checking account right after. This way, everything gets paid for, it just takes one small step in between. In the meantime, you are building up frequent flyer miles.

You can do the same thing when booking a vacation right now. Use the card with the miles program and this year's vacation can net you free miles for next year. Now you can enjoy getaways without having to make a fast getaway from your credit card company.



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