Coupons For In-Store Pick-Up

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Can coupons be used for in-store pick-up?

Coupons For In-Store Pick-Up

Have you ever taken a trip to your local electronics or video game store, only to find out that the title you drove all that way for is out of stock? That is a very frustrating experience. And it is one that can be avoided very easily.

Many companies, like Circuit City for example, offer online coupons all the time. These coupons net you discounts on orders made over the Internet that use the store pick-up option instead of direct shipping. This means that you place your order online and the game you are looking for is put aside in the store nearest to you. It is held there until you come to pick it up.

If the item is already in stock you are all set to pick it up whenever it is convenient for you. If they have to order it, you will be notified when it arrives at the store. Either way, you only have to make one trip and are guaranteed to get what you came for.

Circuit City coupon codes for store pick-up, or any other company that offers this option, will save you money on shipping. It will also save you the frustration of pointless trips, or the possibility that you might not be home when the delivery person shows up at your door.



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