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Who is TRUSTe?


An Internet company that sets voluntary privacy standards. They award TRUSTe seals to companies that adhere to these standards.

What does opt out mean?

Opt Out

This is a policy that lets you say that you don't want to receive something anymore. An example would be that you are opting out of receiving additional offers from a website.

What is a mirror?


An FTP or Web server that contains a copy of the same files as another server. With the same information on multiple servers it provides easier access and spreads out the load for the more popular web sites.

What is a web page?

Web Page

A web page is a document found on the Internet (World Wide Web).

What is Netscape Navigator?

Netscape Navigator

This is a web browser that works with Windows, Unix, and Mac operating systems. This is part of a suite of programs with Netscape Communicator.

What is finger?


An Internet service that allows users to find out information about you just by typing in your e-mail address.

What is a cable modem?

Cable Modem

A device that connects your computer to the Internet through the cable service lines.

What is PDF?

PDF File

A way of distributing formatted documents over the Internet. This type of file can be read using Adobe Acrobat. The program is available for free at

What is a secure site?

Secure Site

A site that encrypts (scrambles) your credit card information so it can't be stolen over the Internet.

What is a ping?


Sending a short message to another computer to see if it responds automatically. If you can't ping it, you probably can't communicate with it in any other way either.

What is encryption?


A way of protecting your information by scrambling it so that no one can read it as it travels across the Internet.

What is SPAM?


Not the lunchmeat. SPAM is a term used for unwanted e-mail. Normally this is e-mail sent to you unsolicited trying to get you to visit a website or to buy something.

What is a home page?

Home Page

The main page of a website. This is the page that normally links you to other websites on the Internet.

What is a web browser?

Web Browser

A kind of software that allows you to visit web sites. Some popular ones are Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.

What is a search engine?

Search Engine

A search engine is a program used to find things on the Internet. Some well-known search engines are Google, Yahoo, Lycos, and Hotbot.

What is HTML?


This stands for Hypertext Markup Language. This is the type of language used to write pages for the web. Includes codes in the text that define fonts, colors, layout, graphics, and links. Usually stored in files that have extensions html or htm.

What is a history list?

History List

This is a recent list of sites that you have visited that is contained within your web browser.

What is a cart?


This is your virtual shopping cart for placing items in a hold status until you decide to go through the final check-out process. Also goes by name shopping bag, shopping cart, basket, etc.

What is a bookmark?


A web page address to which you would like to return to. Known as bookmarks in Netscape, favorites in Internet Explorer, and favorite places in AOL.

What is a newbie?


A newbie is someone who is new or inexperienced in something.

What is an online auction?

Online Auction

Works just like a real auction, except everything is done online. Selling is done online, bidding is done online, payments are either done online or through the mail. DealDeal and eBay are two examples of online auctions.

What is an e wallet?


Electronic wallet. It contains your credit card information or online currency so that you can use it to shop easily on the Internet.

What is a registration form?

Registration Form

An online form you fill out to gain access to special areas of a site, to become a member, or to receive special services.

What is web tv?

Web TV

An Internet online service that uses a terminal and a remote connected to your TV to access the Internet.

What does download mean?


To download is to transfer information from the Internet to your computer.

What is a modem?


The word is derived from modulator and demodulator. A piece of computer hardware that lets your computer communicate with other computers through the phone lines or cable lines. Can be internal or external.

What is SSL?


SSL stands for secure sockets layer. This is a technology that encrypts (scrambles) information as it's sent on the Internet so hackers can't read it.

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