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Should I wait to use my discount code?

Use It Or Lose It

If there is a fantastic offer/discount/coupon to use it as soon as possible. Never put it off for another day if it is something you want, can afford, and is a great deal. Many stores offer online coupons with stated expiration dates (especially new websites) and become so overwhelmed with orders that they pull the offer without notice. Don't miss out, use it or lose it.

How can I get special promotions? is a great place to search for the most current specials offers and coupons for just about anything you want to buy online. The site is well organized and can save you lots of time and money. Check it out NOW!

Are there any online rebate companies? is an online rebate company where you can earn up to 25% back for your online purchases.

To get a rebate for your purchase you must follow these steps:
*go to the EBates website at
*log in
*link to the store you are purchasing from
*use your registered e-mail address

Rebates continue to accrue until you earn $5 worth of rebates. At that time they will mail you a rebate check in the month following the end of that payment cycle. Payments run quarterly in February, May, August, and November.

You also can earn additional incentives based on your referral's rebate activities. Go to their website for additional information.

Where can I find online coupons?

Are you looking for ways to get discounts when shopping online? Before you make your purchase check out this website for coupons/discounts: is a great source of coupons for both online and real brick and mortar stores. The coupons/discounts offered are based upon zip code once you register. Provides you with coupons for local grocery, retail stores, restaurants and other local businesses. Also provides online coupons to various e-tailers. The site is easy to navigate. The coupons do require a 1-time download of their coupon manager software. This site is well run and updated constantly. This is a great one to bookmark.

Are there any tips for gift certificates?

Try Utilizing Rewards Programs

Do you wish you could buy online more but are hindered by a limited budget? If you have some extra time on your hands why not put it to good use by participating in rewards programs. There are many programs available that reward clicking on sponsors with gift certificates to the stores from their redemption list. Some examples of these programs are:

S & H Greenpoints

With one of these programs, I was able to earn enough gift certificates throughout the past year to cover my son's formula expenses. If you understand the program rules and participate often your efforts will be rewarded.

How can I get special promotions?

Register at Your Favorite Stores

Always register at the stores you like or think you may shop at. Many times being a "registered member" gives you increased opportunities for discounts and first notice of sales.


Using Comparison Sites

Are you hunting for the best deal on a product? Are you tired of time consuming searches at multiple sites? You can save yourself both time and money by utilizing one of the many available price comparison sites on the Internet.

These sites will provide you with item prices, in addition some will also detail vital information on shipping charges, shipping terms, availability, and will even total the charges for you. Although nothing is really foolproof, normally you can consider these prices accurate as of the date you do your search. If you decide on a site to make your purchase, please remember to verify the price.

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