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Where can I find Jack Daniels Green Label Whiskey?

Jack Daniels-Old Tennessee Green Label

Where can I find Old Tennessee Jack Daniels Green Label Whiskey?

According to the people at Jack Daniels:

Green Label is lighter in color than our Black Label due to differences in the maturation process (aging in the barrels). It is also bottled at a lower proof (80) than our Black Label (86). Green Label has very limited distribution, based upon demand.

It is found mostly in the Midwest, South and on our military bases. Your consumer should be able to find it in the Florida liquor stores. If his store does not carry it, he can ask them to contact their liquor
distributor for availability. By law, we have to sell to wholesale liquor distributors and the retail stores order their inventory from the distributors.

Where can I buy Brianna´s dressings online?

Brianna's Salad Dressings

I have been asked where to find Brianna's Home Style or Fat Free Salad Dressings online.

They have been spotted at:

FarAway Foods

PeoplesFoods.com (includes a coupon)

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