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How can I get the most money for my books?

Selling Back Textbooks The Right Way

Before you start buying new books and school supplies for the coming semester, what are you going to do with the old textbooks you do not need anymore? Many schools will buy your books back from you, but only at a fraction of what you paid for them. Then they turn around and sell them again for a lot more than they gave you back.

Your best bet is a site like As part of, you can sell your books online. Other students who need a better discount than the used book offer at their school can get what they need. They will pay less than they would at school while you make more than you would selling them back to your college. Everybody wins.

Then you can take the money you just made from selling old textbooks and buy ones you need for your next set of classes. Add to this mix any coupons that are available at the time (like free shipping or a percentage discount) and you make out much better than you would at the school bookstore.

Selling back books and supplies you no longer need should be the first thing you do before purchasing new ones. It can make a big difference in what you have to spend to get through the next semester.

What do I need for back to school?

More Than Just Backpacks & Notebooks

Going back to school is a time when you can get great savings on tons of things you might need. What many people do not realize is that this is not just a time when you can buy notebooks and backpacks for a discount. Back to school supplies are a lot more than that.

If you are heading off to college, you will need more than pens and No. 2 pencils. What about a comforter for your bed? A trash basket for your dorm room? Soap, shampoo and other toiletries?

Online promotional codes can be lifesavers. You can pick out all the things you need for your dorm room and get them for a lot less money. If your car or luggage on the plane is already overflowing, have some of the supplies you purchase shipped to the mail service at your college so it is their waiting for you.

The important thing to remember is that back to school supplies include clothes, notebooks, books, lamps and furniture for your dorm room, and so much more. Virtually every store, whether they carry typical school supplies or not, offer back to school deals.

Can buying things as a package really save that much money?

Product Packages = Savings

If you want to save a buck or two when it comes time to head back into the classroom, you should consider looking into product packages. Many retailers will offer big discounts when you buy certain items together.

For example, there are a lot of things you might need for your bed. Maybe you need extra sheets, pillow cases, pillows, or a down comforter. Paying full price for each individual item could be expensive. But companies often have discount prices for you if you buy the whole “shebang” together.

A new laptop might require a carrying case, mouse, screen cleaner, etc. Add all those separate items up and it is a pretty penny. But if you look for an online promotional code that nets you a nice discount when you buy each of these items as a package from the same store, it just might put a smile on your face.

Product packages are one of the best ways to get all the things you need at once and spend less to get them. So it is definitely worth spending a few minutes looking for that special offer that can make all the difference in the world.

What is

When getting prepped for the coming school year you start to hit all the major stores for various back to school needs. Most people at one time or another find themselves wishing that this store had the same type of discount the store they were just in had.

So what if you could get all different kinds of back to school supplies at one place with sales, special promotions and other discounts? Would it be easier to get a hefty discount on your books and new computer or clothes? Absolutely. Maybe throw in free shipping for everything, too? Definitely. sells everything from books and bedding to electronics and furniture. With overstock coupon codes, you could have a one-stop shopping experience online for all your back to school needs.

Combine as many offers as you can find and you will stumble across more savings than most people realize is even possible. Sitting down at your computer and getting all your supplies while saving a boatload, all from the comfort of your own home … well that is a pretty good day and a great start to the school year.

Do you need a new computer for school?

Electronics Coupons

Electronic equipment can be an essential part of your back to school supplies. Maybe you are a film student and need a high definition video camera. Perhaps a blu-ray player. Maybe your current computer is antiquated and you need a new one before the school year kicks off.

Electronics coupons are part of the back to school craze at the end of each summer, and they can play a big role in your savings. compiles lists of online promotional codes for all sorts of companies, including ones that specialize in various types of electronics like Best Buy, Sony Style, Circuit City and more.

Do you need a new TV for your dorm room but cannot afford to spend too much on it? Electronics coupons are meant to help with things like this. They can make something you need or want that would normally be too expensive into something that is affordable.

The need for electronic equipment can be one of the most overwhelming because the prices tend to be some of the highest. But with computers and high definition equipment becoming more prevalent in schools, you can feel out of the loop without them. Online promotional codes and coupons can make a big difference in your comfort level, both in the classroom and your bank account.

Do you spend a ton of money on books each semester?

Reading Is Fundamental

Whether it is a summer reading list early on in your scholastic career, or classic novels you have to read for high school or college courses, books can get a little costly. With each year you seem to have to buy more and more books in addition to your textbooks to get through all of your classes. And they seem to rise in price every year, too.

So how can you lighten the financial load a bit? Try online coupons and discounts from booksellers. This is one way of getting the reading materials you need without spending top dollar to get them. Sites like offer competitive prices on everything ranging from novels and textbooks to kids' and audio books.

But you can get even more savings with Bookcloseouts coupon codes. Online promotional codes for sites like this and many others will drastically reduce the cost of books for the school year.

Coupons and special promotions like the $1 Summer Sale are a recipe for savings. And you do not just have to limit yourself to books for school. If you enjoy reading and want to pick up a book for fun, many of these sites get all the latest releases and bestsellers, too.

What is Coupons is a great place for both students and parents to save money. You can buy used books for low prices and you can sell your old ones there as well. Selling your textbooks back and buying used ones is a great way to offset the cost of books each semester, which can get pretty steep.

You can also buy clothes and other school supplies at While this is a great site for students returning to school after a summer of diligent studying (well maybe not diligent), coupons are rare. So when they are available you want to take advantage of them immediately. keeps you up to date on when the latest Ecampus coupons and online promotional codes become available. Since they are rare for this site, it is smart to keep tabs on the situation so you do not miss out.

You can get all your back to school supplies for an affordable price if you keep your eyes peeled and know when to act. So check and often when you are getting ready to head back to the classroom. Every bit you can save on supplies eases the burden of that tuition.

Do you look for coupons regularly?

Look Before You Miss The Savings

When the summer is nearing its end and you are gearing up for another year of school, you start thinking about what you are going to need. You know that you are going to have to spend a few dollars getting supplies, clothes, etc.

There are a handful of stores that many people go to every year for their back to school needs. But before you jump in the car and go spend all your money, take a minute to make a list of the top stores you are going to need things from.

Stores like Staples, Target, Office Max and more are good for basic school supplies. Others like Bed, Bath & Beyond and Sears might be the place to go for new bed sheets or clothes.

Once you have that list in front of you, take a look at This site compiles a database of all the current online promotional codes and coupons of major retailers. Check to see if those stores you plan to buy from are on the list and what offers they currently have.

Most people miss out on discounts not because they are not offered enough, but because people do not know that they are available. So check it out before you run out and spend more than you need to.

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