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How can I register so that my guests don't go broke getting me what I need?

Choosing Where To Register

When registering for a wedding it is important to include items that you need as well as ones that you want. Things that are practical as well as stylish. Glassware. Silverware. Most things that end in -ware. But try not to just think of yourself during this process.

Yes, these gifts are for you and your new partner in crime/life. But many gifts on wedding registries that reach the higher end of the price spectrum never get purchased. While not having to buy all the smaller and medium things yourself helps, you still may be left with a big purchase or two to make on your own.

When you register, try looking for places that have what you want but also offer what potential gift-buyers want: great deals. Online wedding coupons are a great way for your invited guests to purchase a wonderful wedding gift that doesn't empty there wallets simultaneously.

Try looking into free shipping deals, dollar or percentage discounts when they spend a certain amount, free gift cards with purchase, etc. All of these and more can help you get the things you want from your registry while the ones buying them save a little cash, too.

Will I go broke on wedding invitations?

Great Wedding Invitation Prices

The wedding invitations are a very important part of the wedding. They can be customized to fit your personality or the theme of your wedding if there is one. They can be elegant or eccentric. But they do not have to be expensive.

Cheap wedding invitations are out there. If you are having a large wedding, postage for the invitations is going to be high enough. So you want to keep the cost of the actual invitations as low as you can. And low cost does not mean low quality.

Many stationary stores that specialize in invitations offer wedding coupons to make it a little more affordable for you. Some will even mail them out for you if you provide them with a list of names and addresses.

Once you decide on the type of invitation and what you want it to say, start piling on those wedding coupons, promotional offers and everything else that is available. If you mail the invitations yourself, you can save some money on postage by hand-delivering some to people that live in your area.

How can I get nice candles for the wedding?

And Then There Was Light!

Lighting is essential in movies, theater, photography … and in your wedding. Whether it is your wedding ceremony or reception, the lighting can set a tone or mood. It can make the whole ceremony/reception more intimate or romantic.

You can use floating candles as centerpieces for the tables. The color can match the rest of your wedding decorations. The candles might be scented. There are countless options, each complementing your wedding in a different way.

If you peruse the Web, you might be able to find cheap wedding coupons that lower the price of these candles. If you want one on each table and there are 25 tables, that can get pricey. If the entire ceremony is at night and candle-lit, that is a lot of candles to buy.

But these offers allow you to get the color, size, shape and style that will make your wedding unique. Anywhere from 10 to 50 percent off (maybe even more). You can get free shipping and have them sent directly to the reception site.

So take a look at the lighting where the reception is being held. See if it is what you want. If not, start looking at those wedding coupons, place an order and save some money and headaches.

Do I have to spend a lot on flowers for my wedding?

Wedding Flowers

Flowers can be one of the most enjoyable parts of the wedding for a bride to pick out and one of the least favorite to receive the bill for. Flower coupons are the solution to this nuptial nag.

Florists will regularly offer discounts and coupons specifically for people planning a wedding. Places like and Just Flowers are constantly offering dollar amounts or percentages off flower orders. Some are for everyone and others are meant just for weddings.

If you like the arrangements at one florist but the prices at another, use it to your advantage. Tell the one you like that the flowers are nice, but the prices elsewhere are just too good to pass up. See if they can work with you to make a deal.

They say weddings and marriage are about compromise. So why shouldn't the florist join the fray and compromise with you? An affordable wedding just takes a little extra work in a few places to make all the difference in the world. Try looking at the coupon listing at and get an idea for the offers that are out there right now.

Does the resort you are staying at offer wedding gifts?

Free Gifts For Newlyweds From Resorts

You have spent months, possibly even years planning your wedding. The last few weeks before the nuptials were hectic, trying to get everything in order. The ceremony and reception were great, but seemed to go by so fast after so much planning. Now it's time to take a breath and enjoy your honeymoon. Some things make it more enjoyable than others.

If you have booked your honeymoon at a resort with white sandy beaches where every bar and restaurant puts a little umbrella in every drink they serve, make sure to do one thing before you go.

Check online for a very specific wedding coupon. A common offering these days among many top resorts is a free wedding gift if you have been married within six months of your honeymoon and stay at their location. These gifts vary depending on resort promotions or where you are. Sometimes they are 20-piece china sets.

If you plan ahead, you can even leave an item off of your wedding registry if you know that it is the gift you will receive from the resort. If you end up forgetting to look for online coupons, it never hurts to ask the manager where you are staying if they do anything special for newlyweds. You never know (unless you remembered to check online).

How can I afford a wedding and honeymoon?

Affording The Honeymoon

After the time and energy it takes to plan a wedding, then the whirlwind that is your wedding day, you need a little relaxation. Your honeymoon is the perfect way to get away from it all. But sometimes the wedding costs get so high the honeymoon has to wait a while. Or not.

Many luxury resorts offer discounted or even free wedding packages when you book your honeymoon with them. This is the perfect option for anyone who has ever dreamed of getting married on the beach in Jamaica, or maybe the Bahamas.

Companies like Sandals Resorts offer online wedding coupons that can net you a beautiful (and free!) wedding when you spend your honeymoon with them. Now you can afford to have your dream wedding and an exotic honeymoon without having to worry about money.

Take a look at the wedding packages that various resorts offer and see if you can have your perfect wedding this way. Many couples spend so much on the wedding that they never get to go on a honeymoon, or have to wait a long time before they do. If you do not want to wait or miss out on a great time with white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, this might be the best option for you.

How can I get an affordable engagement ring?

Affordable Engagement Rings

An affordable engagement ring is not a myth. It really does exist. You just have to know where to look for one. Forget all the things you may hear about a ring costing at least 30 percent of your annual income.

Find the ring that is right for your fiance. The style, cut and size that is right for them. Do not focus on price alone.

Diamond wholesale stores are a good place to start. A wholesale engagement ring can save you a whole lot of money and still be the perfect ring for your loved one. You will also find that most jewelers will offer a discount if you purchase both the engagement ring and wedding bands from them. Do a little haggling and see what shakes out.

Check online and see what coupons and promotions a jeweler is currently offering, too. This is one area of shopping when the listed price is rarely what you will actually have to pay. Knowing that heading into the purchase is the key.

If you buy jewelry for a loved one, have the store add you to their mailing list if they have one. Practically every jeweler will send you coupons in the mail as new merchandise becomes available to retain you as a customer. This is a good way to complement the discounts you find online and get a reasonably priced ring.

Have you thought about making your own wedding favors/decorations?

Be Creative, Save Money

If you have a penchant for the creative you may be able to save some serious cash on your wedding. With so many things to plan and pay for, wedding expenses can climb higher and higher right in front of your eyes.

So try making a few things yourself instead of buying them. Take the centerpieces for example. They can run you a pretty penny. But if you take a trip to your local crafts store, you can buy materials to make them yourself. The cost of the materials will often times be far cheaper than if you paid for pre-made centerpieces.

Wedding favors are another area where you can save a buck or two. Instead of spending a lot of money buying favors for all your guests, get a little more personal. Give each person a CD of all the songs from your wedding with a picture of you and your bride or groom on the front. You can include the song for your first dance, mother-groom and father-bride dances, the song for tossing the bouquet, etc.

You can buy hundreds of blank CDs for practically nothing. All it takes after that is a little time to burn the copies of the wedding music and you have yourself a great, very personal wedding favor. A beautiful wedding can be a cheap wedding, too.

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