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What should a good backpack be like?

The Right Backpack For The Right Price

Backpacks are an important part of back to school apparel, carrying gear for hiking/camping, and a host of other things. Buying the right backpack is more complicated than picking a color or one with a bunch of extra pockets.

Make sure you get one that is designed to distribute weight evenly. Otherwise all the strain will be placed on one part of your body, like the lower back for example, and cause discomfort and possibly injury.

A good backpack should have some type of padding on the area where it will sit against your back. The padding should also be made of a breathable material to reduce sweat. The same principle applies to the shoulder straps as well. There should also be a waist strap to help stabilize the load.

Backpacks that are constructed properly and built to last, like ones from The North Face, might be a little expensive, but they are worth it. Try offsetting the cost by using apparel coupon codes found online, or trying discount clothing stores that carry these bags as well.

Am I going to break the bank buying shoes?

Affordable Shoes For All Occasion

Gone are the days of the mismatching 80s and 90s. Somewhere along the line it became mandatory that your shoes match the rest of your outfit for men and women. Go figure.

This means that you'll want a black pair of shoes for when you wear black pants, brown shoes for when you wear brown or khaki pants, etc. Maybe you want a pair that is in between dressy and casual so you do not ruin the pair you wear for more formal occasions.

Basically, whether you are a minimalist and only own the number of shoes you can scrape by with, or you are a fashion aficionado and want a pair for every possible scenario, shoe stores are making a killing.

So whenever you see them offering shoe coupon codes, discounts and other promotions, use them to your advantage. Most men can get by with a pair of athletic sneakers, nicer black shoes and a pair of brown ones.

Most women have never had less than three pairs of shoes at any point in their lives. But whether you buy them like they are going out of style, or so rarely that yours actually are out of style, savings are always a good thing. Shoebuy coupon codes for, or discounts for any other shoe retailers are a welcome sight.

What do I do when my kids keep growing out of clothes so fast?

Constantly Growing Kids, Constantly Outgrowing Clothes

Children grow fast. Very fast. From pre-school to high school and on to college before you know it. And with each growth spurt, with each year of school, or even a semester, they grow out of the clothes it seems like you bought yesterday.

Clothing coupons are one way of keeping up with the kids who seem to grown an inch with each passing day. Don't pay full price for clothes every few months if you don't have to. Sniff out those retail printable coupons, discounts at shoe stores, and anything else that you can get your hands on.

Every time you save a few dollars it makes that next purchase easier to make. Discount clothing stores and outlets are also a great source of nice clothes at affordable prices. If you look, you can find apparel just as nice as what is sold at the high end stores, but for a fraction of the price.

Online clothing stores usually have a new offer every week or two, so you can still keep up with all the latest hot fashions and trends so your kids don't think you are totally out of touch.

How can I use get affordable college sports apparel for my kids?

Motivational Clothes?

Parents can use a little subliminal motivation these days to get their kids psyched about college. And all it takes is a few clothing coupons. If your children are big Notre Dame football fans, gather up some apparel coupon codes and get the Fighting Irish jersey for a great discount.

If you're on the east cost and your kids are fans of Friar basketball, hit that online clothing store up and get your hands on a Providence College hat and basketball. Whatever team it is, you can use these items to get your children a little more excited about these schools and the programs that they offer.

Maybe you can motivate your kids a little bit more about college and save some money on clothes at the same time. A lot of school pride is generated by wearing their apparel, and pride in a school can be a great motivator for students to do well in their classes.

Any chance you get to motivate students about college, get them some nice clothes and save money at the same time … that is a good day.

Do you spend a lot of money on athletic gear/clothes?

Affordable Athletic Apparel

Any sports fan and athlete can describe dozens of things they love about their favorite sport(s). Their favorite players and teams. The best fields or stadiums. One of the most commonly disliked aspects among sports enthusiasts, however, would have to be the cost of apparel.

This is where apparel coupon codes save the day. If you are trying to get a nice gift for your baseball-loving son, his favorite player's jersey is always a safe bet. But authentic jerseys don't always come cheap. Make it a little more affordable with coupons that get you nice percentage discounts and free shipping. You might even be able to get free expedited shipping.

If you daughter needs new soccer cleats, look for shoe coupon codes. Shoe stores that carry athletic apparel and footwear start circulating sport-specific coupons shortly before the season starts. This is a perfect time to start your bargain hunting.

End-of-season clearance sales and retail printable coupons are also a great way to get the best apparel and equipment for the following season. You get a head start and save a buck. So if you have a mini-van full of little leaguers, coupons are a lifesaver.

Are your clothes right for the climate you live in?

Weather Appropriate Apparel

It is time to go off to college or move to a new area for a great job opportunity. You start thinking about things like a new apartment or house. Finding a local gym. Meeting new people. Making a good first impression.

But what about the weather? Are your current clothes going to make the grade? You want to make sure your clothes are weather appropriate. If you are going to live in an area like southern New England, you need to be prepared for humid summers and windy winters. That means lightweight and breathable clothes for the warmer months and water and windproof winter clothes.

If you are headed to Arizona, odds are you won't be needing a full length goose down coat all that much. So figure out what the weather conditions are like where you are going to lay your head. Then look for clothing coupons that will help you get the right apparel for the least amount of money.

Winter gear from The North Face is some of the best quality you can find, but retail online coupons make it possible to get quality at a discount from places like

Discount clothing stores are another way of saving money on the right type of shirts and pants. Coupons at these stores practically make stuff free.

How do I get a cheap Halloween costume?

Cheap Halloween Clothes

Are you a big fan of Halloween but never seem to have the time to make a great costume? The day seems to come and go before you know it. Online clothing stores are a quick and easy way to get great themed apparel and costumes. And they're affordable.

Find an online clothing store that specializes in Halloween costumes and novelty clothes, then throw in some clothing coupons and you've got a great outfit at an even better price.

And if you do happen to be the creative type and enjoy putting your own costume together, try discount clothing stores. Pick up all the pieces to your outfit puzzle and put them together to create your own vision.

Halloween can be a fun holiday, but you don't want to break the bank on clothing you may end up wearing just once. So why pay an arm and a leg when you don't have to? Forget spending insane amounts of cash to rent a costume or buy something that will live in a closet after one night.

Use those coupons and discounts to have fun dressing up like ghouls or goblins and without bleeding money. One night should not cost you a fortune, and if you find the right offers, it won't.

How can I build an affordable work wardrobe?

Affordable Clothes For Work?

Work clothes can cost a pretty penny over the long haul. If you have a dress code/uniform at work, wearing that same outfit every day can put a hurtin' on clothes.

Constant wear and abuse leads to colors fading, threads pulling, material tearing, stains never coming out, etc. Waiters and bartenders know this better than anyone, as their shirts and pants take a beating on a daily basis. And more and more restaurants just tell you what color shirt and pants to wear and you have to spend your own money to get them.

If you work in an office or anywhere that requires nice looking clothes, it can be even more expensive. You do not want it to look like you wear the same three shirts and two pairs of pants all the time. You have to have an entire business wardrobe.

In either scenario you have to buy new clothes at somewhat regular intervals. Discount clothing stores and clothing coupons can help to make those expenses more manageable.

Take a look at online clothing stores and see what savings are being offered so you don't end up spending your entire salary on clothes for work.

What is Coupons is one of the many shoe and apparel stores that have coupons and savings listed on This company offers a huge selection of shoes from practically every designer you can think of.

If you need dress shoes for your suit or tuxedo, you'll find them. If you need casual shoes for everyday wear, they've got those, too. Shoebuy coupons codes regularly provide you with things like free shipping in addition to percentages off your purchases.

By registering at their site, you also get entered into a weekly drawing for things like a $100 gift certificate. Combine a prize like that with free shipping and anywhere between 10 and 25 percent off purchases and you're practically getting shoes for free.

This is just one of the sites found on with savings too good to pass up. You can practically cut your spending in half while shopping just as much as you always have.

Shoes just seem to be more comfortable when you get big discounts on them. Or maybe the coupons make you feel more comfortable about making the purchase. Either way, being comfortable is pretty nice.

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