The Right Backpack For The Right Price

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What should a good backpack be like?

The Right Backpack For The Right Price

Backpacks are an important part of back to school apparel, carrying gear for hiking/camping, and a host of other things. Buying the right backpack is more complicated than picking a color or one with a bunch of extra pockets.

Make sure you get one that is designed to distribute weight evenly. Otherwise all the strain will be placed on one part of your body, like the lower back for example, and cause discomfort and possibly injury.

A good backpack should have some type of padding on the area where it will sit against your back. The padding should also be made of a breathable material to reduce sweat. The same principle applies to the shoulder straps as well. There should also be a waist strap to help stabilize the load.

Backpacks that are constructed properly and built to last, like ones from The North Face, might be a little expensive, but they are worth it. Try offsetting the cost by using apparel coupon codes found online, or trying discount clothing stores that carry these bags as well.



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