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What is the exchange rate in the country you are vacationing in?

Know Foreign Exchange Rates When On Vacation

With the ever-changing domestic and world economy always a question mark, you should be as prepared as you can possibly be. Many people book a cruise vacation and get excited about the different countries they will stop in along the way. But they think little beyond that.

Take a minute to find out where the dollar stands in relation to other world currencies. Find out specifically how it stands up to the places you will be going. Find out what the exchange rate is currently.

It is very common for people to not realize how much money they are spending until they return home and realize what the actual dollar amount is. By knowing the exchange rate it allows you to do three important things.

  • First, you have a general sense of how much money you might have to spend while overseas.
  • Second, you will know exactly what you are spending while you are out of the country so that you do not come home and find out your spent $10,000 more than you wanted to.
  • Third, by knowing exactly what a certain amount of foreign currency translates to into dollars, you can watch out for people trying to overcharge you. People traveling in another country often are targets of scams because they do not have a grasp on the actual value of foreign currency.
Whether on a cruise or normal vacation, a little preparation can save a lot of money.

Are cruise vacations worth it?

Cruising On Vacation

A cruise vacation can be a great way to get away for a while and relax. You do not have to worry about doing all the driving or spending hours waiting for lost luggage in airports. Just board the ship and get ready for a good time.

Depending on the vacation package you purchase, the ship pulls into various ports and countries where you can get off for a while and do a little exploration. Meet the locals. Buy some souvenirs for friends and family back home. Have some authentic food and experience the culture!

Then get back on the ship and cruise on to the next location. On the ship there is great music, fantastic food, great swimming pools and tons of activities. Whether it is a Caribbean or European cruise, you are bound to have some fun.

Travel coupons can also lighten the financial load of a great vacation. Carnival Cruise Lines, Expedia and a host of others offer discounts all the time for vacationers. Many even offer substantial discounts on last minute bookings. So you do not have to plan ahead and book six months in advance to go on a cruise that doesn't empty your savings account.

If you decide at the last minute you need a vacation, look for these travel coupons and you will be surprised what kind of deals you can get.

Are you using a card with frequent flyer miles?

Pay The Right Way

Do you have a credit card with a frequent flyer program on it? How many miles have you saved so far? It's hard to know for sure if you never check or don't even know if you have the miles program available to you.

So many people let an opportunity like this go to waste, when they could be using it to enjoy great vacations every year. If you have a card with a miles program on it, use the card. If you are not sure if your company offers such a program, ask them. This does not mean you have to incur mountains of debt or bad credit.

Use the card for an expense you would have anyway, and then pay the card off from your checking account right after. This way, everything gets paid for, it just takes one small step in between. In the meantime, you are building up frequent flyer miles.

You can do the same thing when booking a vacation right now. Use the card with the miles program and this year's vacation can net you free miles for next year. Now you can enjoy getaways without having to make a fast getaway from your credit card company.

Have you checked for car rental coupons?

Great Car Rental Discounts

Let's say you take a vacation somewhere like Ireland or France. You want to be able to see the countryside, but you do not necessarily want to be restricted to bus tours and seeing the things someone else says you will see when they say you will see it.

It's your vacation. You want a little freedom to explore your surroundings. Through companies like Travelocity and Avis, you can get car rental discounts that will save you a bundle on a rental car. With these savings you can take your time driving around the country and see all the things you want to see according to your own schedule.

Car rental coupons are actually pretty common, but they are also commonly overlooked. All you have to do is take a minute to find one. lists major travel and rental companies and all the coupons/discounts they offer at any given time. This can also make the insurance more affordable if you choose to get it.

This is a smart way to save some money wherever you can and make your vacation that much more enjoyable.

Have you been to Disney?

Fringe Benefits

Have you ever been to Disney World in Florida or Disneyland in California? How about Six Flags in New Jersey? These resorts and amusement parks can be very expensive, especially when you add in the price of admission to the parks, as well as flight and hotel costs. So how can you visit these magical places without having to take out a loan?

There is a way to visit great amusement parks and resorts without that loan. It‘s not a myth! Travel coupons. Do a little searching online and you can find these vouchers/coupon codes that throw in free admission to these kinds of fun places when you book your vacation through a particular company, whether it is an airline, hotel, or a travel company.

No one wants to vacation in Orlando and take pictures of Disney from the outside. Hey, remember that time we went to the park next to Disney World? No, you want to go in and enjoy the rides, restaurants, stores, characters and more. Travel coupons are the way to do it. Less expensive and a lot more fun. No loans required.

What is an all inclusive vacation?

All Inclusive Vacations

One of the best ways to save money when going on vacation is to take advantage of all inclusives. These are package deals at resorts where you get roundtrip airfare, hotel accommodations, as well as food and drink during your stay, for one flat amount.

Many resorts often include coupons for free activities like tours or scuba diving lessons with their all inclusive deals, too. This means that you can eat or drink as much as you want while on vacation, do practically whatever you want, and it will all cost the same thing.

These are the best cheap vacation packages you are likely to find. There are all inclusive resorts in Mexico, Jamaica, The Bahamas and plenty of other places with white sandy beaches and crystal blue water. is a great way to find these types of packages. An Orbitz coupon can sweeten the deal even more with bigger discounts.

One thing you should remember to ask about when booking an all inclusive vacation is the gratuity. Tips for hotel staff, waiters and bartenders are usually included in the original price you pay, but on occasion you might find out they are not. If they are not included, remember to tip the staff. It's the polite thing to do.

Have you tried early bookings to save money?

Early Bookings = Savings

The early bird gets the worm. We've all heard that one before. And in many cases it is true. That includes taking a vacation. So start planning ahead.

You will find that early booking can provide massive discounts on cruises, Hawaii vacation packages, international flights and hotel accommodations, etc. Funjet Vacations is a perfect example. Through Funjet, you can often find travel coupons offering close to $1,000 in savings for booking next year's vacation now.

Sometimes you do not know where you want to vacation the following year. Maybe you are still trying to narrow it down. Or maybe you do not know what time of year you want to go. That's fine.

But if you do have an answer to those questions, things are a little easier. If you can plan ahead, you can save big. Let's say you take a family vacation the same week every summer. Talk it over with the loved ones and decide what your next destination will be. If you can all decide on a destination, book it now and save a boatload.

Keep an eye on travel coupons for early bookings and you might even be able to afford a more luxurious vacation than you thought possible.

What can I get from is one of the most well-known sites on the Internet for booking travel arrangements, be it for business or vacation. Between the already competitive prices and the Orbitz coupon codes you can find through sites like, you can get dollar amount or percentage discounts off both flight and hotel rates.

Sometimes there is more than one discount offered that would apply to your travel plans, but you may only choose one. If this is the case, take a few minutes to examine your trip. See what the overall cost will be and then compare the current discount offerings to see which one will save you the most money.

Sometimes a percentage-off offer seems like more, but when you do the math you find out that the flat rate dollar-off coupon will save you more on those Hawaii vacation packages. Look for offers that get you savings on both flight and hotel accommodations. You can also try comparing these offerings to all inclusive packages to see which will benefit you the most.

Math problems can actually be pretty fun when they equal less money being subtracted from your wallet.

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