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Do you need to enter a code for a discount?

Discounts With Promotional Codes

When you decide that it is time for a vacation getaway, you will also start looking for ways to get the most affordable deals. During this process of bargain hunting, you will find many great offers, but pay close attention when you find one that looks right for you.

In order to get the airfare discount or cheap hotel package, do you need to enter an online promotional code? Not every promotion requires a code or coupon, but some do. You want to make sure that you do not select a package without entering the proper code. If you do, you could end up paying full price for a vacation you have already committed to because of a simple mistake.

Always make sure to be clear on the guidelines for any promotion you want to take advantage of. If you are not sure whether there is a code you must enter to get a discount, call the company's customer service line or check the Frequently Asked Questions portion of their site (provided there is such a section) to see if the answer is there.

The most important thing to remember is not to commit to any purchases or reservations until you understand all the responsibilities, financial or otherwise, that it will place on you.

Do you live near multiple airports?

Airport Rates

If you live in an area with multiple airports within reasonable driving distance, check the rates at each of them. You might find a substantial discount if you fly into one airport over another.

Typically, though not always, smaller airports in smaller cities or towns will be cheaper to fly into. Consider the price differential, if there is one, and then add any additional expenses such as cab fare or gas money to get from the airport to your final destination. This will give you an idea of the most affordable flight to take, airport to arrive at, and method of transportation once your plane lands.

Southwest Airline Vacations coupon codes may get you into one airport for less money than another one 15 miles away. American Airlines discounts might be cheaper at yet another airport. Location is clearly very important when prices are determined.

If you are using a vacation package through a company like or Travelocity you may or may not have a choice of airports. If you are taking an individual flight that is not part of a travel package, you will most likely have a few more options.

What is Hotwire's Travel Watch? Travel Watch is another travel site that helps find you the best rates on flights, hotels, rental cars, cruise vacations and more. Their airfare discounts and promotions are some of the best you can find, and they offer another great way of staying on top of the discount world, too.

With the Hotwire Trip Watcher, you can get the best deals available. All you have to do is input the desired travel destination and a 60-day date range for when you would like to travel. This online service then considers all the information you provide and analyzes rates for various airlines and airports, hotels and more. It then gives you recommendations for the best time and method of travel, places to stay and things to do to earn the most savings.

By using this Trip Watcher you are notified when the best promotions are happening and a package is put together specifically for your needs. You can have multiple options recommended and then choose what you feel is the best fit for your vacation.

This takes a lot of the guesswork out of planning your trips. Now you can rest assured that you are saving money that you would not have saved without the Hotwire Trip Watcher.

Do you keep tabs on airline promotions regularly?

Airline Promotions Change All The Time

Anyone who travels via airplane with any regularity knows that the rates and special offers change with great frequency. A flight to your destination of choice could be affordable one day and then a couple hundred dollars more expensive the next.

That is why it is important to not only keep tabs on the going rate for flights to various destinations, but to also stay informed about airline promotions, airfare discounts and rebates. Look for Funjet coupon codes, United or whatever airline you typically use. If you do not have a preferred company, keep your eye on multiple ones to see who is offering the best deals.

Try signing up for e-mail newsletters and updates from sites like for the latest coupon offerings from major airlines so you do not miss out on big savings. Then you'll know when the best deals are being offered, whether it is through the airline directly or through another travel company like

Knowing when to book your flights is an art form, one that could potentially save you hundreds of dollars.

What is the Entertainment Book?

Entertainment Book Savings

A good way to save money on airfare is by saving money on just about everything else, too. How do you do that? With the Entertainment Book. This is a book of coupons that offers great discounts on shopping, attractions, restaurants and sporting events in your area.

The book, which can be purchased online for about $30, has coupons for thousands of dollars in savings. At you simply type in your zip code and the book for your area is shown. In addition to all the deals you get with these coupons, each book comes with a membership card that can get you even more discounts when presented at stores, restaurants, bars, etc.

Included in this book of savings are airline discount coupons, as well as vouchers for discounted car rentals. So now you can get affordable travel rates and cheap car rental options once you arrive at your destination.

The $30 spent on the book is well worth the thousands of dollars in savings on airfare, rentals, food and entertainment you will get. A new book with updated coupons is released every year, so the savings never stop.

Have you looked into airport parking?

Airport Parking

If you do not want to deal with catching and paying for a cab when you return from a trip, you may want to go with airport parking. There is both short and long term parking available at most major airports, depending on how long your trip is expected to last.

Airport parking coupons can help to make this a more affordable, and thus more viable option for you. Now, upon your return home, you do not have to fight a stream of thousands of people getting off the plane and trying to hail a cab. You will be able to get in your own car and get on the road without all the hassle.

Look for airport parking coupons that get you the most savings for the time you will require your car to be there for. Discounts can range from percentages off the final price to days of free parking.

Airport parking lots are also very secure so you should not have to worry about anything happening to your vehicle while you are away. That makes for a much more relaxed trip, knowing that your car will be safe while you are away and that it will be waiting for you at the airport when you return.

Have you taken a virtual tour of resorts online?

Virtual Resort Tours

Have you ever booked a vacation and then found out that the hotel or resort looked nothing like the descriptions provided or pictures in a brochure? The garden view turned out to be a couple of potted plants outside your window? No one wants to arrive at their vacation destination and be disappointed.

In steps the Internet. Now, most resorts offer 360-degree virtual tours of their hotel rooms and facilities on the Web. This means that you no longer have to just take their word for it from a brochure. You can actually tour the resort on your computer at home before deciding whether or not to book your vacation there.

Take a look at the rooms and see if they are to your liking. See what the view outside the window really looks like. You will be able to see if the pool they have is really as big as they say it is. You can be confident in everything you expect to get from this vacation.

These virtual tours can give you an excellent sense of where you will be staying so you know going in that you will have an enjoyable experience. No disappointments. Once you are sold on a resort, start stacking on those airline promotions, rebates, etc. This way you know you are going to get the vacation you want and for the price you are comfortable paying.

Do you have trouble finding student airline discounts?

Student Airline Discounts

Have you ever looked for student airline discounts, only to find out that everything showing up in your search is simply another site that “promises” it can offer a search for more discounts? But where are they?

Many sites just offer that engine to search for fares, but you can skip that and get straight to the good stuff. has already compiled all the airfare discounts for major airlines, including ones for students, into one easy to use database. And they keep it updated constantly.

Now all you have to do is pick the offer that you like the best. It is one-stop shopping for student airfare rates. You can also find ways to get student discount cards as well. These cards can get reduced travel rates, as well as savings on food, shopping, entertainment and more.

So when you look for student discounts, make sure you actually see a discount. You want to be able to look at the regular price and the student offering. If you cannot see before and after prices, you might not actually be getting a lower rate. If you are getting a discount, you should know how much it is you are saving.

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