Printer Cartridge Recycling

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Do any stores in your area offer coupons for old ink cartridges?

Printer Cartridge Recycling

Next time your printer runs out of ink, do not just throw out the cartridge like you normally would. Make a few inquiries at your local computer and office supply stores. Many of these businesses offer an alternative to throwing cartridges away.

Bring the empties into one of these store with a recycling program and they will take them off your hands. In exchange, they will most often give you coupons that can be applied to any purchases you make in their store.

This means that your old ink supply can get you a discount on your next cartridge, simply for not throwing it away. Combine these coupons with other sales and promotions going on at the time and you can save a bundle on computer and other office supplies, including more ink for your printer.

There is no sense in throwing something away when you can get a computer coupon for it that will save you money on your next purchase. That would be like actually throwing money in the trash along with the empty ink cartridge. Not exactly something that is highly recommended.



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