Hands-Free Options

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What hands-free options are there for phone use in the car?

Hands-Free Options

Talking on your cell phone while driving has become a big problem over the last few years. With mobile phones and driving safety being a major issue, it is a matter that is getting more attention. It is even illegal in many states now to drive while using a handheld cell phone device.

But, talking to someone on the phone while driving can be no more hazardous than talking to a passenger in your car, if done properly. When you use a cell phone while driving, one of two things should be done:

First, you can put the phone on speaker. There are specialized holders that can be placed on your dash or next to your seat. Keep the phone in one of these and you can comfortably talk with whoever you want on the way to your destination.

The other option would be to get a hands-free headset. This can be connected to your phone with a wire, or it can be wireless like Bluetooth headsets. With either of these options, the point is to have your hands free to control the steering wheel. Accidents do not happen simply because the driver is having a conversation, but because a phone takes a hand away from the wheel.

Try looking for cell phone accessories coupons and use them to pick up one of these hands-free options. You, along with all of the other drivers on the road, will be safer for it.



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